Selling Guide

Our experience

Between our team we have over 30 years’ experience and expertise in dealing with every single aspect of the sales process. We believe that you, our clients, are in the safest possible hands.


Client care

You will be looked after every step of the way: by ensuring our clients always come first, we make sure that the entire process is simplified, easily-understood and focused on your needs.  We never forget that without the confidence and goodwill of our clients we would not have a business!



We understand that when you are considering who to appoint to sell your property, you want to know that they fully understand your intentions, and that they can and will deliver on these goals. Moreover, you need to know that the individuals working on your behalf are acting in good faith with a sense of probity, have an excellent track record, are ethical, trustworthy and dynamic, and can demonstrate a passion for their clients’ properties beyond the call of duty.

Understanding and delivering your desired goals

Not only are we passionate about property, we also aim to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing an unrivalled service. Understanding and delivering your goals are crucial to us, and we thrive on our clients recommending us to their family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.  Such personal recommendations form the backbone of our clientele and underscore our ethos and pursuit of excellence.


A wholly bespoke service to meet your individual needs

In our experience each client and property are different and require tailor-made strategies to suit the property and specific requirements of the client so that the best possible price is achieved in a manner you agree with and within a timeline that suits you.  For example, you may not have sold for many years and be wary of dealing with agents and/or unaccustomed to how the market works today.  Our personal and bespoke approach addresses this.   We are not a corporate agency driven by targets and profits.  We have the time and requisite in-depth market expertise to guide you carefully and skillfully through what can sometimes appear to be a complex process.  Hand-holding, wherever necessary, is our speciality.


Our clients’ reasons for selling, what they wish and need to achieve remain entirely confidential.  You need to be able to rely entirely on the good faith and confidentiality of your agent.


Due diligence

By ensuring that we introduce only the most suitable buyers to your property, we intend to maximise achieving your desired results; this means that each prospective buyer and offer submitted is carefully checked and qualified.  Putting together a sale which will conclude with a successful exchange and completion, at a price you expect to achieve, is all part and parcel of our passion for delivering excellence to our clients.


Our ‘Road Map’ – devised for success

We devise a ‘Road Map’ for you, your solicitor, the buyer and their solicitor which will ensure a successful and timely exchange of contracts. Typically, this includes all the usual pressure points as well as any unforeseen issues (eg raising enquiries and replying by a set date, arranging structural surveys, damp surveys, environmental surveys, post-survey negotiations affecting the agreed purchase price, drawing down. This ensures clarity, efficient communication with all parties and a timeline for exchange and eventual completion, upon which you can rely.

We will keep you informed of any concerns we have, every step of the way, thereby ensuring that any potential problems are solved efficiently, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that everything possible is being done on your behalf.


Solicitor and agent – working together cohesively for YOU
As part of our remit to ensure all our clients’ sales conclude with a successful exchange and completion, we have found that the role of the solicitor or licensed conveyancer is pivotal.

You, our client, need to know that you are in safe and reliable hands when dealing with one of your greatest financial assets.

In our experience, many sales can falter through a lack of due care and attention or poor communication between the contracting parties and their respective legal advisers.  To eliminate such eventualities occurring, we have devised an exclusive arrangement for our sole agency clients with our preferred legal partners headed up by: Miss Dee Aylward of Silverman Sherliker.   SERVICES’.

We have found that where the estate agent and vendor’s solicitor work well together on behalf of their client and in the client’s best interests, tenaciously seeking viable solutions to what might appear at first sight to be intractable problems, solutions are often found to satisfy all parties and permit the sale to move forwards.

Not only does there need to be mutual respect and understanding between all parties, but there also needs to be the ability and willingness to work cohesively together on behalf of the mutual client and in their best interests.

Our exclusive arrangement for our sole agency clients is specifically designed to facilitate this and maximises every opportunity for a smooth and stress-free completion.

We are happy to discuss our exclusive arrangement with you.